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2014 Recipient - Rana Foster

The Homer Campbell ASC Environmental Award, established in 2005, recognizes a local individual or organization that has made significant contributions in the areas of environmental stewardship, awareness, and outreach. Our 2014 winner, Rana Foster, is an outstanding representative of these qualities.

A friend and fellow activist, Reed Wilson, says of Rana: "Rana's strength is her persistence and irrepressible curiosity in investigating public lands timber sales. Where a concerned citizen might read the Environmental Assessment and submit comments, Rana will request the Silvicultural Report, the Biological Assessment, the Wildlife Report, the Soils Report, the Plant Surveys, and on. Rana will request reports that agency employees don't even know exist until they search the warehouse. She will read these and pose questions for each, until the agency refuses to respond to her emails and restricts her to phone calls which they will not answer. She is incredibly perceptive in the forest, hears every bird and sees every plant or insect, not only sees them but how they interact, and with her creative mind, understands cause and effect better than most naturalists."

Rana grew up in Oregon, Illinois and British Columbia and her parents gave their kids every opportunity to get outside and play, exploring on their own or going fishing or cross country skiing. Family trips between Oregon and Illinois always included stops at special places, such as Craters of the Moon, Pine Mountain, Steens Mountain, Fort Rock. Rana remembers an early archaeology class at Peavy Arboretum, where "it was a total eye opener to the science of anthropology and extra exciting for anyone young to find ancient and important things in dirt". Her home in Illinois had a prairie meadow nearby, with a profusion of wildflowers, birds, butterflies and other insects.

Rana has an MS in Environmental Soil Science from OSU, a BS in Natural Science from Western Oregon University, an Associate of Science from LBCC and an Associate of Arts in the culinary arts management program from LBCC. Her Masters' project was on using historic land survey data for present day landowners as a tool for restoration of native biodiversity and localized botanic ecology, on Jackson-Frazier Creek.

The Audubon Society of Corvallis has benefitted greatly from Rana's commitment to doing everything she can to help environmental causes. She has transplanted many plants that would've been destroyed by development, placing many at the Hesthavn Nature Center, or other safe places. She has advocated for planting and distribution of showy milkweed, to benefit monarch butterflies. She has been the Refreshment chair for ASC, and has helped arrange and staff public conservation events for ASC, such as the planting parties at Finley and special evening presentations. Rana has attended countless public meetings about conservation issues, often providing refreshments.

She has written letter after letter and submitted countless comments on timber sales and other conservation issues. She is an instrumental member of the Benton Forest Coalition, a group which promotes awareness of public lands by offering hikes and information on environmental concerns regarding state and federal forest land. Rana has been an Associate Director for the Benton Soil and Water Conservation District for many years. She has volunteered to search for red tree vole nests in federal forests and to find and measure legacy trees on our public lands, pending land use decisions.

As a tireless advocate for environmental causes and the protection of plants and animals, we are pleased to recognize Rana Foster as the 2014 recipient of the Homer Campbell Environmental Award.

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