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We had the pleasure of working with Corvallis School District 4th & 5th grade students from five different schools for our 2nd successful year of an Aquatic Ecology Program on Oak Creek at ASC’s Hesthavn Nature Center. This program is made possible by the National Science Foundation through a research grant awarded to Roy Haggerty, PhD, RG, and Hollis M. Dole, Professor of Environmental Geology College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences Oregon State University.

Classes from the following schools attended the 2016 series for a total of nearly 1,000 student hours at Hesthavn: Mountain View, Muddy Creek, Franklin, Jefferson, and Adams. Each class also had the opportunity to visit our bird specimen collection and explore other wildlife collection pieces and props at Hesthavn. The field trips consisted of three hands-on stations: water quality testing; macro-invertebrate collection; and a native plant hike through the riparian habitat along Oak Creek. The focus question explored how to determine if an ecosystem is healthy.

A huge thank you to all of our volunteers for offering their time, talent, and dedication: Jessica Brothers, Teri Engbring, Hannah Clark, Sue Powell, Kate Mathews, Gail Nickerson, Christina Likem, Nina Aragon, Melanie Brown, Ann Brodie, Suzanne Ortiz and Barrett Reeve.

We will continue this series next spring for our third and final year. If you are interested in participating in this wonderful program, please contact our program coordinator, Jessica Brothers at for more information on how you can get involved.

Jessica Brothers, Aquatic Ecology Coordinator


A special team of volunteers put together a dynamite program on “water bird adaptations” for the local Girl Scout Summer Day Camp at the scouts Rock Creek Campground. Thanks to volunteers Chris Shank, Phyllis Bailey, Sue Powell, Marcia Cutler, Kate Mathews and Teri Engbring for developing a new curriculum tailored to the camp’s water theme and delivered in 50 minute sessions 8 times over 2 days, with about 120 girls and another 20 adults. A fun time was had by all in the trees above Rock Creek.

Teri Engbring, ASC Ed Team

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