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Birding by Ear 2019

Lisa Millbank and Don Boucher will instruct a Birding by Ear class through their Neighborhood Naturalist program in May and June.

This class will take your birding ability to the next level, especially in forested areas where birds are difficult to see. During the classroom sessions, we don’t try to memorize lists of bird sounds; instead, we learn methods to help remember bird sounds, and get a basic understanding of the ways in which birds use sound to communicate. It’s intended to be fun and interesting. Classroom sessions will feature lots of videos and sound clips. During the field trips, all of which are in the Corvallis-Albany area, there will be listening exercises and many opportunities to practice the techniques learned in class. You’ll be amazed by how many birds you’ll find by just listening. You should already be familiar with common local birds to take this class.

There are 2 sections. Sign up for either May or June. Cost is $65 for 3 weeks. Location details will be sent after registration

Section 1 starts in May

Classroom sessions: Wednesday, May 15, 22 & 29 in Corvallis, 7 pm – 9 pm Saturday field trips: May 18, 25 and June 1 in the Corvallis-Albany area, 9 am - noon To register, go

Section 2 starts in June

Classroom sessions: Wednesdays, June 12, 19 and 26 in Corvallis, 7 pm – 9 pm Saturday field trips: June 15, 22 and 29 in the Corvallis-Albany area, 9 am - noon To register, go to

If you have questions about course content, please contact

Winter Wildlife Field Day 2019

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Fifth Annual Winter Wildlife Field Day at Finley National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, March 9. Over 700 participants and 137 volunteers made it a big success. Everyone learned about local predators and enjoyed a beautiful but chilly day in the wild.

Special thanks to our friends from Chintimini Wildlife Center for sharing the Homer Campbell Trail parking lot with us. Their live birds were a big draw and complimented the dedicated ASC team of birding experts on the trail.

Summary of Our ASC Ed Team 9/17 to 8/18

Accomplishments - Events & Numbers served

  • Winter Wildlife Field Day at Finley (800+ people in attendance)
  • Monthly Family Nature Program at Hesthaven (60)
  • Girl Scout Spring and Summer Day Camps (160 + 150 = 310)
  • Get Outdoors Day at Peavy Arboretum (350+ people in attendance)
  • OSU Child Development Center Science Night (100)
  • OSU Earth Day – wheel activity (200)
  • OSU EXTENSION-4H Science Day Program at Hoover School (150)
  • Sustainability Fair (150)
  • Insights Into Gardening (150)
  • Adult Daycare program outreach by Kris (35). Total of community members served by ASC Ed in the past year = 3,205

List of ASC Ed events and plans for 9/18 to 8/19 (lead volunteers listed when known)

  • 2019 Winter Wildlife Field Day at Finley (Teri coordinates with Sam at Finley with help from ALL, & graphics by Sue. Planning begins in September for March (date to be set)
  • Monthly Family Program at Hesthavn, third Sunday, October-May) (Mitchells and Beth)
  • Oct. 2018 Boy Scout Birding Badge with Albany Troop (Nancy and Bob Brown)
  • Develop Raptor ID Workshops (Kris & Teri)
  • Get Outdoors Day at Peavy Arboretum (Valerie)
  • Develop Nature program for seniors (road show & field trips) for Corvallis and Albany Senior Centers, Stoneybrook, and Grace Adult Day Ctr (Valerie, Tricia and Carla Olson)
  • Update and manage ASC Bird Specimen Collection – review, and arrange repair, or replacement as needed, plus set loan and use criteria (Laura, Nancy, Marcia and Mark)
  • Develop Art in Nature Program at Hesthavn (Kris & Valerie)
  • OSU Earth Day
  • Explore Corvallis School Science program with 4H extension service (Valerie & Nancy)
  • Sustainability Fair table at Sustainability Coalition annual event
  • Master Gardener program: Insights into Gardening in spring (Kate and Marcia)
  • Girl Scout events including Spring and Summer Day Camps
  • Closely coordinate with education and outreach programs with staff and Friends group at Finley (Kris & Teri) and with other natural resource agencies in area (Val & Teri)

If you want more information or would like to join the ASC Ed team, contact us at volunteerasc@gmail. com or check in with us at the monthly member meetings.

A Sad Passing

Our talented and dedicated ASC education team has lost a shining star and treasured friend, Valerie Mitchell, who died in California on Christmas Day of a sudden and unexpected stroke. We are all in shock. Valerie, a retired science teacher, has been a key volunteer, capably designing and warmly delivering dozens of education programs and activities over the last two years. Her patience, knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, generosity and reliability were just what we needed, and she leaves a huge hole in our hearts. She had also joined the Audubon Board in August and will be sorely missed there as well. We are all deeply saddened by this tragic loss and our hearts go out to her beloved life partner, Dale, whose creativity and artistic talents blended so well with her curriculum expertise in enriching our program efforts. On a brighter note, please don’t forget to hold March 9 for the 2019 Winter Wildlife Field Day at Finley NWR from 11-3. More info coming next month. Teri Engbring, Education Team
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