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Birding Resources

New!! Birding in Corvallis Pamphlet.

(1.2 Megs)

Corvallis Migrant Arrival Dates here

Find useful information on creating a wildlife garden here

Click here for a web version of Elzy Eltzroth's popular booklet.

Important Bird Areas of Oregon

Field Guide Indices

To view and print pdfs, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free at

Index to the Sibley Guide to Birds

The first index is a single page that can be pasted on the inside or outside of the book cover. The second set of indices are "bookmarks" that can be cut into strips, and each placed on the first page of the section where it applies, with the title sticking up above the pages. The tabs wear better if covered with clear contact paper or plastic tape. Note: To save this file to your desktop, right-click and select "Save Target As…"

Index to the National Geographic 3 Field Guide
Have you ever missed identifying a bird while you were thumbing through your field guide trying to find the right page? Here's an idea—Dave Mellinger has created a one-page index to the Third Edition of the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America. This index can be cut out and pasted on the back cover of the field guide for quick reference. Good birding!

National Geographic's 'What Bird' site.

National Geographic 3 Index in PDF

National Geographic 3 Index in MSWord97 format

Useful Links

Web links that may be of interest to birders

Local Birding
Corvallis Parks and Recreation:
This link takes you to the City's Park Division Page. In particular, note:
   Avery Park
   Bald Hill
   Chip Ross Park
   Bruce Starker Arts
   Woodland Meadow

Willamette Valley Refuges:
Finley National Wildlife Refuge
Baskett Slough
Tualatin River
Oregon Birding Trails

Neighborhood Naturalist
ASC's Don Boucher on nature in Corvallis and adjacent areas

Benton County Checklists:

National Organizations
National Audubon Society
Audubon Birds of North America
American Birding Association
Association of Field Ornithologists

Audubon Chapters in Oregon
East Cascades Audubon Society
Portland Audubon Society
Kalmiopsis Audubon Society
Salem Audubon Society
Siskiyou Audubon Society
Lane County Audubon Society

Oregon Birding Links
Oregon Birding Association
Oregon Birders On-Line—subscribe to e-mail birding list
The Bird Guide—pelagic birding trips, regional birding travel guides
Oregon Birding Maps
Journal of Oregon Ornithology
The Oregon Birds Forum—birds and birding by Oregon counties and ecoregions; statewide species accounts
Where to Bird in Oregon— site on Oregon.
Mid-Valley Birders List - a current list of Mid-Valley birds and birders.

Oregon Weather and Road Conditions
Oregon Weather
Oregon Road Conditions

Washington Birding Links
Washington Ornithological Society

Other Bird and Wildlife Links 
Partners In Flight—conservation program for birds of the Americas
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Western Field Ornithologists—field-oriented descriptive ornithology
BirdNet—ornithology and scientific study of birds
Pacific Seabird Group—study and conservation of Pacific seabirds
Flora and Fauna in US National Parks—species database
The Butterfly Website
Birding Pal—world-wide links for travelling birders—birding locations, I.D., more

How to contact your elected representatives:

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