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2018 Birdathon

The 18th annual Birdathon was successful as always, with ten teams participating. Together we covered Corvallis and surrounding areas, the coast, the Rogue Valley and an area in Texas! We raised over $4,000, bringing total earnings over the years to nearly $80,000. These funds go directly to Hesthavn Nature Center, and will be used for routine maintenance, as well as larger projects.

We had group sponsors for all the teams, with Elsie Eltzroth continuing the family tradition, and Wild Birds Unlimited again contributing to everyone. Thanks very much, WBU and Elsie!

Don Boucher and Lisa Millbank take the prize for most motorless birds recorded, at an incredible 132 species! Don and Lisa covered 85 miles in 48 hours, starting at 3:30am the first morning, for owls and the full dawn chorus. These two know their local areas incredibly well. Tyler Hallman, birding in Texas, found 155 species, the most of this yearís Thon. Pam and Randy Comeleo were second, with 140 species.

The other teams this year were Dodie Wilson, Jamie Simmons, Hendrik Herlyn and Oscar Harper, Ann Brodie and friends (Wanda Parrott, Marcia Cutler, Melinda Manore), Mary Derr, the ASCís Rogue Valley field trip and Karan and Jim Fairchild.

And finally, of course, we heartily thank everyone who sponsored a team. Hesthavn is a thriving nature center and native plant and wildlife sanctuary largely because of your generosity!

Karan Fairchild, 2018 Birdathon coordinator

Birders Report Form

Birders Sponsor Sheet

Birdathon History

Audubon Society of Corvallis held its first Birdathon in 2001. We modeled our event after Birdathons held across the country, which are proven fundraisers. We've had 8 teams some years and 14 in others. Our yearly earnings have ranged from $3,000 to $8,000 and we've earned around $80,000 for Hesthavn to date! This money has gone into a solar composting toilet, museum display cases, a new floor, weather tight doors and windows, and other necessary projects. Side benefits include spreading the word about Hesthavn and ASC to a wider audience than just our own members, and the data gathered by getting people into the field for birding in a comprehensive way. As well as the fun had by those involved!
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