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Bird Counts

Throughout the year there are various organized bird counts. The scope ranges from national to regional, the format from strict protocols to whatever you can count. What all these counts have in common is the element of citizen science. Here, the average person can help provide data that will contribute to the further understanding of bird populations, their distribution and their changes.

Included on this page is information on and results from 2 bird counts held locally: the Christmas Bird Count [CBC] for the Corvallis circle and the North American Migratory Bird Count [NAMC] for Benton County. At the end, there’s some information and links to other bird counts.

Christmas Bird Count

Audubon’s annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is the longest running citizen science survey in the world. Accuracy is assured by having new participants join an established group that includes at least one experienced birdwatcher. Count volunteers survey a specific portion of a designated 15-mile (24-km) diameter circle or can arrange in advance to count the birds at home feeders inside the circle and submit the results to the local compiler. All individual Christmas Bird Counts are conducted between December 14 and January 5 (inclusive) each season, with each individual count occupying a single calendar day.

The first Corvallis CBC was held on December 26, 1912. However, it wasn’t until 1962 that the count was resumed. It has been held every year since. The Corvallis CBC is traditionally held on a Tuesday before Christmas.

This year’s Corvallis CBC is Tuesday, December 15.

Join us after the count for the traditional "count-down" and a potluck supper! A hot dish will be provided, but please bring a salad, dessert, bread and cheese or some other dish to share and your own eating utensils. The potluck will be held at the Tunison Community Building, in South Corvallis at 365 SW Tunison Ave. See you there!


The Corvallis count circle extends from McFadden Marsh at Finley north to about the southern edge of Chip Ross Park and Jackson-Frazier Wetlands. The western edge is around Evergreen Ridge and Beaver Creek areas and the circle extends eastward into Linn County almost as far as Tangent and Shedd at its eastmost extremity. The circle is centered near the Corvallis Airport.

The circle is usually divided into 13 areas. Each area is covered by one or more teams and the results have been tabulated for each area.



Advance sign-up is required for this count, unless you plan to do a feeder count. Please contact the compiler, Marcia F. Cutler, at to sign up. Participants will normally be assigned to a team and the team leader will contact members several days before the count to arrange meeting time and place. A countdown is held directly after the count where preliminary results are collected and shared.

For further information on Corvallis CBC results, see:

All Corvallis CBC participants should review the following:

General information
Field Form - each reporting team should print out at least one copy of this form, to be turned in at count-down if at all possible.
Rare Bird Report Form


North American Migratory Bird Count

This count is held twice a year, on either Saturday or Sunday of the second weekend of May and of the third weekend of September. In Oregon, it is organized through the East Cascades Audubon Chapter.

For this count, participants may bird anywhere they want and for as long as they want. The results are compiled by county and participants send their results to the county compiler. For Benton County it is Marcia F. Cutler, For Linn County it is Jeff Fleischer, . Please contact the compiler for further information.

To report your individual count, please list the number of birds seen by species and provide information on the mileage and time spent broken down by form of transportation. Feeder counts are also welcome (no need for mileage information). Upcoming NAMC Dates:
Benton Co: tbd
Linn Co: tbd
Polk Co: tbd

Latest count results
Historical results 1995 - present

Other Bird Counts:


Perhaps the ultimate in bird counting is to get everyone’s counts everywhere. An impossible task? Well, the folks at eBird are attempting to do this. Check out their site as a place to record your bird observations.

Past CBC Results

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