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What's Up?

  • Corvallis Christmas Bird Count on Tuesday, December 19th - Backyard bird counters are still needed and a great way to join us from the comfort of your own home. I can always use as many people as are willing to participate. The main requirement is that you live within the Count Circle Ė for Benton Co. this is roughly between Finley NWR on the south, Chip Ross Park, Jackson-Frazier Wetlands and Garden Ave. on the north and Daisy Loop (in Maryís River Estates), Hwy 34, Decker Rd and parts of Starr Cr. Rd on the west. For Linn Co. areas between Hwy 34 and Peoria, extending east to about McLagan and Hinck Rd. may be in the circle. A map of the circle can be found at the ASC website under Bird Counts. Backyard or Feeder counting is easy, you can do it when and for how long you wish on the date of the count. Just e-mail me your results. While I would like to know ahead of time if you plan to count, Iíve often gratefully received results from counters who didnít decide until the day of the count that they would do it. While I will be sending out advance instructions on how to count to people who notify me in advance, these instructions can also be found on the ASC website under Bird Counts. See last monthís CHAT for further details.

    If you are interested in participating, or would like further information, contact Marcia Cutler.

  • Winter Wildlife Field Day 2018
    Save the date for the fourth annual Winter Wildlife Field Day at Finley on Saturday, March 10, 2018! Planning has already begun and volunteers are invited to join the dynamic team who will put this big day together over the next five months. Many more volunteers will be needed for the big event in March. Last year drew 450 participants, so we are gearing up for another great response from our community. Please contact Teri Engbring at ASC meetings or via email (on back of CHAT) to volunteer.

2017 Speaker Schedule

  • December 21
    Member Slide Night.

    Select your best nature photos to share with the group at the Dec. 21 meeting. Photos should be nature-themed, i.e. any interesting, beautiful or fun photo(s) of birds, other animals, plants, nature scenes, etc. are welcome. Bring about 20 of your favorites, along with accompanying stories. Plan your presentation to be 5 minutes or less. Bring your slides to the meeting on a flash drive. (You can email them to Bill Proebsting in advance, if you wish.) Plan to arrive around 6:30 pm so that we can load your files on our laptop. From past experience, presentations work best if the photos are incorporated into PowerPoint. It is simple to set up and works better at the meeting. If you have physical (film) slides, please bring your own projector.

  • January 18 Peter Kappes, Ice Baby (Penguins!): Investigating how sea ice influences reproductive success and population dynamics of Adelie Penguins breeding on Ross Island, Antarctica

  • Monthly Meeting Info:
    Join us the third Thursday of every month, September through May, at the Chintimini Senior Center, located at 27th and Tyler. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for refreshments and visiting. Setup volunteers would be appreciated at 6:15! Social gathering begins at 6:30. Chapter Meeting commences at 7:00 p.m. followed by the guest lecture at 7:30 p.m. Questions about the series can be directed to Bill Proebsting 541-752-0108 541-754-1172


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